I Want this Home! Write it Up NOW!

Where do I even begin? To be Frank, I cannot fathom the beginning or ending of Monique’s approach to what she does. She is unlike – by leaps and bounds – any other Realtor I’ve come across. This is not just a job, not just another sale or notch on her belt or even money in the bank. This is one  of the many loves of her life! One that she tends to with such grace that it inadvertently takes the frustration, exhaustion and repetition from the experience of scouting out the right home. She made the process a hobby for me. One that I was always elated to delve into without second thought. And before I move on let me just clarify my gender as being a male. And for anyone who is familiar with the shopping habits of men: we go in, pick something up and we’re usually out the door in 5-10 minutes; foregoing the thought of it being absolutely feasible or even suitable. This was seldom the case with Monique. She has a trained eye and attention to detail like no other. She somehow manages to soak up precisely what you’re looking for and provides suitable options in the range of exactly what you’re looking for. And if you can’t figure it out yourself, don’t be deterred, she will help you to formulate your dream home into words and before you know it a reality. The latter was my testimony, because I was so picky in selecting the perfect home, but could never articulate exactly what it looked like. And before I knew it and prior to a time-line I ever thought possible, she helped me in finding the perfect home that I will probably be in for the rest of my life. She’s not only a Realtor, but one of the truest friends life has afforded me to encounter. She has assisted in every single facet of the process; even ones that were not in her line of duty. I can truly say she brings new meaning to the statement “going above and beyond”. I almost felt like she was my partner in crime in our endeavor to get things accomplished. She wanted the very best for my family and I just as much, maybe even more, as she would want for herself. And you would think the she would just disappear in the wind after you closing the deal. No! Not the case here. You can expect diligent follow up throughout and subsequent to the process where other Realtors tend to draw the line in ending communication and support. If there was ever a premium package to learning about buying a home and/or owning a home, Monique Michelle Ayala would be the face of it. I cannot express the gratitude or repay the sentiment that equates to what she has done for my family and I. Prepare to be WOWED!!! THANK YOU MONIQUE!!!

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